Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ASP Public Relations Rankings, aided by Lewis Samuels, Part 6.


Anonymous said...

The real reason why the ranking was thrown out is because Lewis Samuels was racist against Aritz Aranburu. Anything outside of this is bullshit. He knows that called Aritz a chimpanzee. As a result, he got his butt kicked properly by ASP.

The original phrase was: "Sure, there's some funk in Aritz's trunk, a bit of the ol 'crouching tiger crouching dragon, chimpanzee crouching to his attack." Now it appears that Lewis repented and changed it. Unfortunatelly, the damage is already done.

Anonymous said...

geez brah get over it yeah.
saying someone surfs like a monkey is racist? have we got that far gone? People need to get over shit and not take everything so serious.
If the guys style sucks it sucks and dude called him out on it, thats all it was, don't try and make it more.
Mr. Lewis sir, well done.
now where is the top 20 break down??