Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bobby's Backside's Back, Alright!

Holding Serve On A Court With His Peers

Sometimes the best backhanded compliment is a good forehand.


Goofy said...

An Open letter to Bobby

Get a full time cameraman, or two. You're still the best goofy on the planet and inspiring to watch. Now that you're in Surfer Career 2.0 land, get it done.

I can't think of many people wouldn't want to see you surf more often and you seem to be growing into this 2.0 iteration of yourself so, please?

Shane-O said...

Have to agree with Goofy on this one. I thought @Bobby805 all caps busted surf as well as Dane and Kelly from the odd prerspective.

We nee more unpolished, unaplogetic truth in this sanitized children's version of Khlohe Andino isms.

Anonymous said...

The natural way round he seems more relevant now. The extra weight helps and he is strong so in his surfing it works good.