Monday, February 3, 2014

Medina Flipping on a Right or Flopping on a Left?

Gabby Naturally Makes Me Wonder

Perhaps I'm getting a little too cheeky, but can power, flow and style go both ways?

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Anonymous said...

This mind fuck reminds me of a time when all the kids in school were into spider porn.

Not sure why, really. Though after viewing what is among the deranged of oddities and entities available on the internet, my interest was sparked to see what else was out there.

Bethany Hamilton surfing without her other arm? Check.

Jimmi Hendrix playing guitar right handed? Check.

Though I didn’t find anything worse than spider porn (alas, is no longer), I did find a little gem entitled: American Dad! XXX, which is exactly what you think it is… and exactly what you never expected.

So, take the obvious:

“American Dad!” Yes… McFarlan’s pent up fart after a long day of scripting for the Family Guy, only add in a couple “XXX” at the end, ribbed, for everyone’s pleasure! Pretty easy to paint a visual image, right? I mean, we’ve all seen our fair share of manga demon-tentacle snuff porn and old copies of the Tijuana Gideon Bible to know where this is going. But, no. You would be ever so sadly, worng.

Google this proper gem, skip the intro and setup, go straight to mark 09:00 to get the full effect. You won’t be disappointed.