Monday, March 9, 2015

Creation: Finding Yourself Wading In The Deep End

By: Alby Shemp
Love Is Behind Every Dystopian Dream.
The sense of sociopathic entitlement has led to each and every problem in both the competitive and free surfing worlds since the invention of professional surfing. Its inherent lack of medium leaves nothing but a vacuum where the love of humanity, or the desire for community, once existed. Are your feet wet?

While the scientific method certainly proves useful, the lack of philosophical education on the part of scientists themselves is shameful. I noticed this throughout college, as I bandied to and fro, between the liberal arts and law schools. The difference between art and science classes were so stark it twisted my thoughts into conundrums I was too terrified to describe.

Then, one day I dribbled forth a vignette that would forever change my life:

The idea encompassed the hubristic impetus of an imperfect man that drives the core dogmatists of the brutal, impersonal forces of Scientism to stomp all such ideas tending toward the psyche, or mind. We must be simply be reduced to chemical reactions? Perish the thought! Ye Lairds! Verily, it must swiftly expunged from the curriculum... or even the arena of social public (deb)hate.

This is why the discoveries and theses proposed in quantum physics are so disturbing to advocates of Scientism. In spite of Scientism’s extreme faith in future science to resolve all questions with strict rationalism… they still prescribe to strict rationalism. Any – ism needs questioning. Never mind the fact that reason itself is a convoluted pretzel in the paradigm of Natural Selection; the crusaders of modern history, being strict adherents of Scientism, allow no arguments otherwise. None. Just ask DeGassy Tyson.

May as well let your five-year-old joust a balloon.

Those aware of alternate versions of human history, like the Biblical narrative, for instance, where man is a fallen creature in rebellion against his creator, have a perfectly rational explanation of these events. Hell, they can even explain why man prefers his own self-imposed servitude, rather than submission, to the doctrine of a Creator. Vegetarian food for thought…

Which results in this short answer to a very long question that began with Adam… went through Tesla… and continued through Alan Kay:

Men seek nothing more than marginalizing any creator.

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